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Some stories we cover:

Straw bale gardening. Did you know you can grow vegetables in a bale of straw, even on your paved driveway?

Ornamental plants every gardener should have. These are the tried and true beautiful bloomers that will work across the country.

Can you keep chickens? Depending on where you live, it is possible to have fresh eggs and feathery antics in your yard.

Companion planting guide. Did you know you should plant leeks with beets and spinach but not with beans and peas? Some vegetables are good together while others are not. We have a comprehensive guide.

We also have stories on seating areas, what kind of fence you should have, lighting your landscape to make it really shine, Keith Lemkey on landscaping during COVID, Dan Rubin on coastal gardening in Newfoundland, and our yearly review of seed catalogues.