Nullam nuGarden Mini

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Each nuGarden mini comes with a standard 5" x 10" pre-seeded tray. Please choose 2 plant types, a plant size and a growth medium below.

Nullam's nuGarden mini

  • Fits a standard 5"x10" garden centre tray. As a result, customers can choose to start their plants from seed or purchase live plants from their respective garden centre.
  • Passive watering system: nuGarden mini is accompanied with samples of complete hydroponic nutrients that allow for regenerative growth of the plants. This way, you may harvest your basil of the same quality (aroma, size, and flavour) all year round. There are pre-existing nutrients systems out there with Organic and non-organic basis. We hand out samples of the MaxiGro nutrients by General Hydroponics. The water-nutrient solution is poured into the tub underneath the tray and the tray will soak up the solution from the bottom. This encourages root development by the plants. It is imminent that the user allows for the trays to complete a dry-wet-dry cycle prior to watering the plants again as it allows for the roots to take in the right amount of oxygen and maintain a healthy growth cycle. Thereby, it is recommended to water once every 5 to 7 days. You may choose to put more water in the tub if you are going to be away from your home.
  • Automated Lighting System: instructions on how to setup the switch are enclosed. The main point to recognize is that our customers are always looking to recreate the best time of the year to grow the specific plants. Most, if not all, vegetables are mid summer plants and will do well with 15-18 hours of sunlight per 24 hours. This means that you would want the lights to be ON continuously for 15-18 hours per day and off for the remainder. This can be done by setting up the timer once and never have to set it again.
  • Maintenance commitments:
    nuGarden mini
    • Harvesting (As per your needs)
    • Watering (once per week)
    • Cleaning the tub (once every couple months)
  • Mobile. Elegant. Spatially Efficient.
    nuGarden mini
    • nuGarden mini is designed so that the yield from the product can maintain a couple's eating habits on the regular basis regarding herbs. Instead of buying a bouquet of basil at once and having to toss half of it out by the time you get to use it. You pick fresh and use as you need and the rest regenerates for your next go at the herbs. Based on our studies and 2+ years of performance testing, the system does not need to adjust height as the average consumer will be to keep up with their herbal and culinary needs within the constraints of the Mini space.
  • All Nullam units support vegetative growth and flowering growth. Thereby, you may use our products to grow vegetables, herbs, microgreens, start your garden, flowers, etc.